Monday, December 5, 2011


I've been dreaming of the day I could write this post.  The day my son was able to play with a cat without any issues.  Today was the day!  Previously he hasn't been able to even be in a house that had cats without swollen, watery eyes that require Benedryl to bring relief.  Last week he treated for animal dander along with a sample of cat hair from my mom's cats (she has 3.)  We never visit her house, although she lives a mere 2 miles from us as the cats were too much to handle.

Today we purposly made a visit just to see how he'd do with cats.  One cat was very friendly and let my son pet her for a good 20 minutes. The cat was long-haired, and my kid was putting his face in her fluffy tail.  I kept watching for reactions, but all the happened was that MY eyes started to itch.  He was fine, even after the cat licked him (remember his arm after the dog licked him over the summer, looked like hornets attacked!)

Last Christmas while celebrating Christmas at a relative's house that had a cat, my child so intelligently decided it was a good idea to put his face in the carpeting.  After a split second he looked as if he had taken on Rocky Balboa--eyes puffed out and swelled shut with streams of tears rolling down his face from all the eye watering.  So as crazy as it sounds, I asked my kid if wanted to try that again today to see if anything were to happen.  And he did.  And nothing. No sniffle, no itch, no watery or swollen eyes.  He's so excited!

Since our last post he's treated for the animal dander, sinuses, pneumococcal bacteria that the vaccine is made for, and wheat/dairy combo.  He's still struggling with pizza that's not from WF, as he breaks out on the back of his knees.

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