Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sinuses, Smoking, and Wheat & Dairy

After holding up just fine from our cat experience, we've proceeded with some other treatments:  sinuses, smoking, and a combination of wheat & dairy.  If it seems like we're all over the place with these, we are a bit due to our personal schedule and what we have going on later that day. 

I didn't realize that one could be treated for 'sinuses' but apparently it's possible, the vial holds diluted energy of inflammed sinus tissue. I've know the smoking allergy has been an issue for a long time seeing how he would break out into hives on the rare occassion he's around smoke.  And the wheat and dairy combo was at my request as I'm trying to get to the root of the pizza issue.  He treated for that on Monday after a weekend of pizza parties that left the back of his legs behind his knees raw. Come Tuesday his legs were completely clear.  Coincidence?  Not sure, so we ordered pizza from the same place and he's eaten 4-5 pieces between this Friday and Saturday.  At last check he was looking great. We're going to treat for a couple more combos, namely: wheat and egg, dairy and egg, and then wheat, egg, and dairy.  That's the issue with NAET-- the treatments work best when they're done in the simpliest form; so jumping to do all 3 together may not work as well which is probably why I'm not getting the results I want when I treat for the actual pizza itself at home.

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