Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to you!  We had a very successful dinner experience!!  This was the first year that my son was given the go ahead to try some of the traditional dishes made in the conventional ways.  Of course in typical kid fashion he didn't care of most of it, but none-the-less he wasn't that restricted.  He ate real mashed potatoes made with milk & butter, was allowed to eat green bean casserole (which I made with an organic cream of mushroom soup that still had milk & wheat), real gravy with milk and wheat flour (last year I used rice milk and tapioca startch), stuffing with wheat bread & butter, cranberry sauce (he recently cleared a home cranberry treatment), whole wheat rolls from Trader Joe's, and pumpkin pie that was made at a gluten-free bakery.  So as you can see, lots of wheat and butter.  (Not to mention the 4 pieces of pepperoni pizza from Whole Foods he had this week.)  All of this and not one bit of scratching, scaly skin, or bumps--his skin looks remarkably clear!


  1. Oy, I hope this NAET doctor has not taken too much of your money. Good luck with everything.

  2. She's worth her weight in gold, giving my kid back his childhood and improving his life immensely.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if people are reading the same blog that I am.

      You have come so far, your son has freedom with food that you would have never thought possible.Eating things with no reactions, eczema reduced so much, and other symptoms far less than they were. Most people doing traditional therapy could never get to where you have with NAET (More steroid cream, anyone?). I look at the blogs that you have on the right side of this blog - the ones with NAET success next to them, and you read them and they are about life, and joys and NOT about allergies running their life anymore. Are people just selectively blind? Keep up your fantastic work Eczema Mom- your son is truly blessed to have you.

    2. Thank you for that. You are absolutely right, our focus has now become about living and being able to do things that we only use to dream of. Sometimes I even forget how far we have come. Thank you for your encouraging words!