Monday, November 21, 2011


Still work ing on the diseases within the DTaP, we completed the last of the 3 today.  But that's not what I want to update on.  I think I mentioned a few posts back the my husband has been taking my son to Biggby's and they've secretely been sharing a donut. As my kid puts it, "just enough to get a little taste, not over doing it."  He hadn't seem any worse for the wear, but once I found out I had my husband bring me a piece to treat for, which we did.  Then Biggby was nice enough to give us the label off the donuts to see all the ingredients.  And wow are these things loaded:  wheat, egg, soy, milk and everything in between, but he's pretty much treated for it all.  I took the sample and list to NAET today and had the doc muscle test for it.  Strong as a rock I tell ya.  She couldn't believe it (and neither could I) so she did it a second time, and still strong.  That was in contrast to the sample of store-brand soft tortillas that I self treated him for--still weak, needs 3 more treatments for them.  The only reason I bought them was because a classmate was bringing them in for a class snack (elephant ears made with them.)  So I tried to be pre-emptive about it as he's broken out to them before, but didn't matter as my kid didn't like them anyways.

List of donut ingredients, not the best picture but you get the idea that these aren't organic and healthy:

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