Friday, July 30, 2010

Plugging Along

Not much new to report these days.  Guess that's a good thing?!  Yesterday a friend asked me how my kid was doing and I actually replied "Awesome!"  But I'm still very cautious as I've seen in the past how quickly things can change.  But he has been doing well as of late, which is indeed AWESOME!

As for NAET, the focus is still on environmentals.  The last two weeks have been spent working on Grass, which took two attempts to clear.  Today we moved on to Weeds, since we're on the verge of Ragweed/Hay Fever season.  I'm getting antsy to move on to foods.  As for hubby, he's completed the basic 15 and today did the Organ treatment.  With our practioner it's actually a 'basic 16', so next week he can start focusing on other areas (which will be his lungs.)

Don't know if I've ever mentioned what a hassle bedtime has become in my house?  Ever since we had to start sleeping with my son a year ago when he went through the terrible eczema outbreak and yeast treatments bedtime has been so stressful, especially when it's mom that puts him to bed and not dad.  One of us slept with him for 7 months until the skin issues got better.  Since then whenever dad puts him to bed, there's no issue.  But when mom puts him to bed it's absolute drama!  Itching, crying, scratching, more crying.  It breaks my heart because I know he has a medical condition, so I lay there and rub his face, ears, wrists--whatever he's trying to itch and dig at.  Finally I decided to try a new tactic--a bedtime chart with a sticker reward system.  Earn 10 stickers for going to bed without all the drama and earn a trip to Target to pick out a toy.  Well, wouldn't you know it the last two nights the kid has gone to sleep easily on his own.

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