Friday, August 20, 2010

How to decide what's next?

It's funny how things work out sometimes.  Hubby & I have been talking about what treatments should be next for our kid.  He's eager to jump right in and conquer foods we've been avoiding, while although I know those need to be addressed eventually I keep thinking that he must be reacting to something he's currently being fed and maybe we start there.  But where to start?  Well sometimes the answers just fall into one's lap (as a friend of mine says 'is it God or is it odd?')  I was out of town for two days, and when I can home yesterday I noticed that hubby didn't follow my precise written instructions to give the kid his supplements which I had separated into a pill dispenser.  We also both noticed how awesome the kid's skin looked. At bedtime I gave my son three of the supplements--fish oil, zinc, and his juice plus vitamins he recently started taking.  Within minutes he had an inflamed spot on his forehead above his eye, which is his big trouble spot.  Hmmm, it couldn't be from the nutritious supplements that I spend thousands of dollars on and make sure he takes religiously every morning and night, could it?!

So that was last night, and lucky for us we had a NAET appointment this morning.  We tested for all three supplements, and low and behold he tested allergic to all three.  So today's treatment was for fish, something that he's been eating about once a week and taking the fish oil supplements every morning.  Next week we'll try to conquer natural flavorings, which all supplements had in them.  I was informed that natural flavoring can still mean artificial flavoring, so we'll be taking that route.  Funny how a direction just landed in our laps.

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