Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Always Something

Seriously, it's always something with my kid.  Right now we're dealing with boils.  Over the course of the last week he has had 3 appear.  First on his butt cheek, then one between his thigh and groin, and most recently one on the back of his leg that has him limping.  We've been to the doctor's twice in four days.  Apparently it's a staph infection that has colonized in his body.  So far the good news is that it's not MRSA, but a strain treatable by many antibiotics which we started today.  I just feel so bad for my kid, the doctor lanced one boil today to drain the pus and get another culture. That was not a pleasant experience, so afterwards I was talked into letting him pick out a new toy from Target all while hearing from my lil guy about what a terrible doctor she was and how he never wants to see her again.  I don't blame him!!  I never want to have to learn about another skin condition again, ever!

On a positive note, he's gained 2 pounds in 2 months!!

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