Friday, July 16, 2010

Do I make my husband sneeze?

My husband is just about finishing up the basic 15 of the NAET protocol.  Today he was treated for Base.  5 hours after treatment it hit him like a ton a bricks.  It's happened before, that's how we know it's NAET.  He'll go from feeling fine to feeling completely sick and flu-like, only to rebound the next day.

While we were in the doc's office today I had her test myself and my husband to see if we're "allergic" to each other.  Good news, I'm not allergic to him.  Bad news. he's allergic to me.  It actually came as no surprise to me, as the moment I read that people can actually be allergic to each other I suspected that would be the case with us.  So one of these days we'll treat for that, but when we do it means no driving home together, one of us staying out of the house overnight, and no talking on the phone.  So I immediately thought "great, I'll leave the kid with hubby and have a girls day/night" and he immediately thought it meant a chance for him to go fishing and drink beer.  Go figure.

My kid passed staph, was checked for and ok with strep, and then treated for grass mix.  After 3 hours all his typical allergy/eczema spots on his face were red.  I'm taking that as a sign the treatment is working.

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