Saturday, July 2, 2011

Since the MSG treatments, my son has treated for his own blood, my dad's dog, aluminum, and small intestines.  We were able to get a few drops of blood from when he had his lab work done a couple weeks back.  The phlebotomist thought it was a weird request when I asked for a small vial. I told him I wanted to hang it around my neck.  Just kidding!  After I explained we were doing some alternative treatments he obliged.  For years I've said that my son is allergic to his own blood, it's as if he has fiberglass running through him.  He showed weak to his blood sample, so we treated.

For the last month my son has been having issues every time we visit my dad's house, with each reaction proving to be more intense. The first three times it was a mystery.  Finally with the last and most severe breakout of bodily hives and itching my dad made the connection that the dog had been groomed the beginning of June and the groomer applied a finishing spray that in the past has made my dad's eyes itch (and he's not an allergic person.)  I was really hoping this would prove to be the culprit, because if it wasn't that could mean that a new allergy has emerged.  We cut off some dog fur and treated for it last week.  After clearing we made a trip over to my dad's and just hung out in the yard to slowly test for any reaction.  That worked fine.  Then today we ventured back over and spent some time in the house.  NO REACTION!

As for aluminum, I thought this might be a beneficial treatment due to all the aluminum injected via the vaccines.  Our practitioner said this was a really hard one for her daughter, who woke up in the middle of the night with diarrhea after treating for it.  After clearing aluminum, we proceeded onto treating for small intestines.  My son didn't experience any adverse reactions with either.

So what's on tap?  We're looking at treating for DNA, RNA, neurotransmitters, and enzymes over the next few weeks.  

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