Monday, July 4, 2011

Blood Test Results Are In

I finally received the recent RAST/IgE blood test results from mid-June.  Since starting NAET and the last RAST test 22 months ago, all his levels with the exception of egg and peanut have decreased a level.  There's no doubt that he still has lots of IgE, but take a look at a couple of examples:

Honey has gone from 28.4/level 3 to 4.55/level 2
Soy has gone from 24.2/level 4 to 6.87/level 3
Brazil nut was 21.91/level 4, now 5.24/level 2
Tomato and Wheat were formerly testing at level 2 and are now level 1.

The big surprise was egg.  While yolks stayed the same, whites shot up from 12.3/level 3 to 28.4/level 4.  We have a long history with egg, and he's been eating them in baked goods and with french toast for many months now without reaction.  I've always been told that RAST testing produces a lot of false results, and that reaction always trumps the test, so the test can be fairly inaccurate.  In the allergy world, it's one of the main tools available however it doesn't appear to hold much significance from what I can gather due to all the inaccuracies.  I've read that it can take a number of years for RAST results to show a decrease after NAET treatments even though the patient is no longer reacting.  This update was ordered by our Ped, but our allergist is opposed to the test.

Peanuts still tested at 100+/level 6.  We have yet to do any work with peanuts, or any nuts for that matter.  However, all the tree nuts were also down a level from August 2009.  

Vitamin D levels were also tested, and came back as 65 ng/ml, which is the high end of the optimal range.  This is great news, as everything I read says just falling within the range is still too low; D levels need to be at the high end for D to combat inflammation.

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  1. That is so cool you have the RAST tests to back up the NAET treatments! My kids had "sensitivities" not true allergic reactions. But I never took the time and money to redo those tests.

    It is so awesome you are blogging your painsteakingly incrimental progress. This blog is such a great resource!!

    Warrior MAMA Lisa