Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egg Update

We've done a lot of work with eggs.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, our first NAET egg treatment was in December 2009.  Egg is the second scheduled treatment in the NAET protocol because of the underlying proteins in them and how prevalent protein is in our diets.  When we started NAET, my husband and I were extremely skeptical, leery, and just plain desperate.  We didn't expect to really see results, but thought we didn't have anything to loose.  To our surprise, the morning after the egg treatment all the hives on my son's torso vanished and have never returned.  Mind you, these hives had been there for a couple of years and no matter what we tried or changes we made they persisted.  We were in awe, but still not completely sure if it could have been the treatment.  However, we couldn't deny that his body was now hive free.  Even though he passed the treatment we still were reluctant to trial any eggs given how reactive he was to most everything else, so we continued to avoid them.

Fast forward to last summer when I accidently gave him some soup that unknowingly contained egg.  It was Lemon Rice soup from a restaurant, which he tried and really enjoyed.  After a couple bites a small patch of hives appeared over his eye/forehead.  It's one of his main trouble spots that always flares when he has a reaction.  That's when we found out he accidentally trialed eggs.  The good news was there was no projectile vomiting like his first egg encounter.

This fall we continued to work on egg.  It took four times to pass egg yolks and egg whites with emotion combinations.  We have yet to try an egg.  However last night we were back at the same restaurant with the lemon rice soup.  He tried it again, loving every bite he took.  The best part---NO HIVES!  I'm cautiously optimistic.  Maybe now we'll be ready to try egg in baked goods?!  My mind still has a hard time picturing him eating scrambled eggs, it's something he's never done before.  Oh the possibilities.  But we'll still proceed with caution, we've come so far but still have work to do.

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