Saturday, February 12, 2011

Granola Bars are "Super Duper Good!"

I posted my kid's old RAST results in the previous post to provide some validation that I'm not making this stuff up.  Something is working for him, and I've seen proof with NAET.  Today was a big day, he got to try my granola bars that he's had his eye on for quite some time.  Problem is that they contain oats and soy.  He had a NAET treatment to oats yesterday and soy a while back so we went for it.  But I should have probably started out with a more pure food like oatmeal in case there was a reaction.

Here's the ingredient list:

In the past he's reacted with hives and eczema to:  oats, soy, and honey.  His RAST rated oats a level 3, and honey & soy at a level 4.  He has had NAET treatments to oats, sugar (including honey), soy, salt, and soy lecithin.

Here's the granola bar trial.  I know I should have only let him have a crumb, but he was loving it and ended up eating one whole bar.  If he would have had any previous anaphylactic or breathing issues with any of these foods we wouldn't have tried these at home.  I'm looking forward to working with the allergist on such foods.

And the results . . .Granola bars are "Super Duper Good!"  It's been a few hours and NO REACTION of any sort!  Here it is from the 'horse's mouth' (excuse his bad manners, he was eating lunch):


  1. This is very sweet. Such a lovely movie. I hope he can enjoy many more Super Duper Good foods :)

  2. thanks for your great blog- do you mind me asking who your ped and NAET practitioner is?

  3. Our NAET practitioner is Dr. Sue Anderson, D.C. in Ann Arbor, MI, and our Ped is Dr. Richard Linsk, MD, at Integrative Pediatrics. Both are linked along the side bar of this blog.

  4. That is so awesome!!! Isn't it freeing to finally let your child EAT!


  5. Yes, it's so wonderful to let him eat things he's been craving!! He's probably had 6 granola bars in the last 3 days (with NO reactions!) I can't wait to let him eat real pizza, that will be a miracle. I see your daughter's having trouble with pizza, so sorry to hear that. I know how important it is to be able to enjoy food, she'll get there.