Saturday, February 12, 2011

RAST results

We had RAST testing done in August 2009 because I could no longer follow the allergist's advice of "if you think he's allergic to it, just avoid it."  Looking back, it was the day I jumped off the deep end but instead of a crash landing it turned out to be the start of a new beginning.  The test validated to me that I wasn't crazy, that I wasn't making this stuff up, and that I really needed to find health professionals that were willing to help.  My 3 year-old at the time had 4 vials of blood taken, and screamed all the way through it.  He was tested for 40 different food allergens at a cost of $1250.  When the results came back it was clear why we were having a hard time avoiding things I thought he was allergic to.  19 of the 40 came back at a level 2 or higher, 7 were categorized at level 3, 4 at level four, and good old peanuts at level 6.  Here's a partial snap shot of his results, followed by the rating chart:

It was also at this time that his eczema was at it's absolute worse to the point that the doctor suggested we consider flying out to National Jewish hospital in Denver to have him hospitalized for his skin:

Fortunately we found a wonderful Ped who deals primarily with inflammation issues such as allergies, asthma, and autism.  I'm so thankful for his open-mindness, persistence, and desire to get to the root of problems.  He's the one that started us on Probiotics, Vitamin D, LDN, and NAET and has given our family so much peace of mind.  I am forever grateful for his help.


  1. First I want to say THANK YOU for this blog! I am so glad to read that your child is so much better! I know how much that means to you, I am a mother of a child that battles food triggered eczema and hives.
    Can you tell me how old is your child?
    My doctor says around 4 years old my child should outgrow her food sensitivities.
    How old was he when you started to see obvious improvements? Is it possible he just outgrew his allergies? and you eliminating allergens from his food gave his body ability to heal?


  2. You're welcome, I hope you find some useful information here. And I'm sorry your little ones battles with these problems. My son is 4 1/2. We've started seeing some improvements within the last year after we started NAET and worked with his Ped who put him on probiotics, D3, and LDN to help with inflammation and boost immunity. Here's how I know that it's not him just outgrowing things--he use to have hives all over his torso that we were unable to make go away no matter how much steroids were given or change in diet. The morning after his NAET egg treatment the hive vanished and have not returned. That was Dec 2009. I've also see it with pork--one day he's breaking out in hives to pork, we do a NAET treatment, then the following day he's able to eat it again. There are more instances like that. Also I've read similar stories and my husband is also going through NAET for his asthma and allergies and is having a good experience.

  3. I want to also add that when we started NAET, our Ped had told us he has 63 autistic kids going through NAET of which 60 were responding favorably to. Autistic kids have lots of inflammation and do not process nutrients well, like food allergy kids. I've read numerous blogs of autistic kids going through NAET and getting their lives back. Check out Owen's Journey under my blog list (he saw the same doctors as we do), also I was reading this other blog yesterday of a mom that has two grown kids on the spectrum and has had success with NAET to the point she interviews her grown daughter who can explain what it was like going through the process:

  4. Oh how painful!

    We had a rast test done too. We werer already gluten, soy and casien free, but I suspected eggs too. Our 90 food sensitivity panel came back with 36 sensitivities for my daughter.

    Eliminating the foods brought immediate relief for my daughter, but HUGE inconvienience and cost for our family.

    the new diet was totally unsustainable and did not allow her to be a kid who went to parties and had an active elementary school social life.

    NAET was a God send for us too!


  5. Thanks for your response!
    I will look at the blogs you mentioned and do more reading.
    No one in my family has had kids with allergies like these - and most of them are blaming my exclusively breastfeeding her allergies. They didn't breastfeed. So just trying to see if this is common among breastfed kids? Did you breastfeed your child? how long?
    Thanks in advance for your response!

  6. Wow Kristina, I'm really sorry to hear that. It's hard enough to be dealing with kid's suffering from allergies and inflammation, let alone to be blamed for it. I did try to breast feed but my son wanted nothing to do with eating. I pumped for 4 months until I dried up. Then he was on Similac. I kick myself for not investigating formula, the stuff that's in it make me cringe. We also vaccinated on schedule through 9 months, but it became apparent to me and our very conventional Ped at the time that vaccinations were affecting his appetite--he would quit eating for 2 weeks after receiving vaccines and he was already falling off the growth chart. We then did one vaccine at a time until an anaphylactic DTaP reaction that lasted 12 days. Our current allergist and Ped both have offered to provide us with medical waviers, saying a kid this inflamed can not endure any further vaccinations that trigger an immune response. How old is your baby?

  7. That is so scary about the vaccines! But it makes sense - if a child can't eat a simple thing as carrots without being covered in hives, most likely the body will react to a complex thing like a vaccine! I decided right away that while she is reacting to simple normal foods like carrots I will not vaccinate.
    I read how NAET is done and first thing that came to mind was that it sounds kind of like witchcraft.. ????? in witchcraft objects are used and if they move its a yes or no response etc... I am cautious that if it does have "spiritual" things involved then I want to steer clear of that. I guess I'll have to research that some more. What is your opinion?
    Yeah formulas are mostly corn syrup! which I was so surprised to see since I don't drink pop due to the negative effects of corn syrup on health lol That is why I chose to breastfeed, but that means I have to be on a diet with my child!!!!!!! which is really hard to be limited in so much food... it's been almost two years!

  8. Hmm, witchcraft? I hadn't thought of it like that. It has opened my eyes and mind that there is more to life than what meets the eye, and just because we can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I haven't thought of it as spiritual, but I describe it as energy medicine. All I know is that it's working for us and bringing normalcy to my family.