Monday, January 31, 2011

Corn Flakes

Just had to share this little story that warmed my heart . . .

I bought some Organic cornflakes from Trader Joe's for my husband and myself.  Of course my kid wanted to try them, so I cautiously let him.  In addition to corn they also have barley malt which he's never had.  Well turns out he LOVES them.  And the best part about it as it seems to be a mutual relationship.  Last night at bedtime my son asks me, "Mom, how come the cornflakes don't make me itchy?"  Good question, as we are talking corn here--the stuff that usually causes him stomach aches, hives, and itching.  I can only chalk it up to NAET as he's been doing really well with all corn since the treatment.  It's just really cool to see him eat some 'normal' foods, and even better to not have to be medicating him with benedryl and atarax at bedtime (or anytime for that matter.)

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  1. Have you tried sunlight/UVB for the eczema?