Friday, January 14, 2011

Ultimate GOAL

In order to be successful in obtaining what I want, I find it very helpful in writing down my goals and keeping them front and center.  This gives me clarity, focus, and passion to work at what is so important to me.  So I'm going to state my ultimate personal goal for 2011 here:

Get my son to a good place with his food allergies so he's able to go off to kindergarten with confidence and no worries.

What will it take to get us to that point?  Well, we're already in a much better place from 12-15 months ago.  We have reversed the constant new food allergies as he is now able to eat previously forbidden foods.  We're going to continue with NAET as it has given us so much to be encouraged about.  We're going to continue making healthy choices when it comes to food. I am still making most of our foods from scratch as it's now become a way of life for us, and I love knowing what ingredients we are consuming.  And we're going to continue with a handful of supplements that have made a positive impact--Probiotics and Vitamin D for sure.  Like any parent of a food challenged child, I just want to know and have faith that my child will be safe when he's away from home and out from under my watchful eye.  If he can get to the point where he doesn't have to announce that "I'm allergic, I can't have that", all the better.

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