Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Score Today at Whole Foods!

Each and every Friday morning starts off with a visit to the NAET doctor and then to Whole Foods.  Today feels like we struck gold at the store--3 new products to try!  Plus they had a bunch of samples out that my kid could actually enjoy--popcorn, beef sticks, and fruit.  The kid was grinning ear-to-ear!

We found a new item by So Delicious Coconut Milk--it's juice box style chocolate milk!  Last week we found the So Delicious Cultured Strawberry Coconut Milk which tasted like a thick smoothie, and this week we noticed a chocolate flavored one on the same shelf.  The other major score is an all natural jello without any fake dyes or gelatin, but uses a vegetable gum instead.  It's by Natural Desserts, and we picked up a box of raspberry and strawberry.  So exciting to find new, tasty foods!

As for NAET, we're still plugging along. Over the last few weeks he treated for artificial colors, artificial preservatives, and dried bean mix.  The bean mix contained various beans along with peas and chick peas, which the doctor didn't have vials to test specifically for so I brought in my own samples.  Turns out he needed to be treated for peas & chickpeas as well, which is what he did today.  Seems like it's a tough treatment for him, as he says he feels the itch, is rubbing his eyes, and wanted to take a nap.  Usually those are signs that it's working.

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