Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flowers & Pollen

For our last two treatments we moved away from foods and segued back to environmentals before the flower and pollen season really takes off.  It's been quite cold where we live, so I especially wanted to get these out of the way before we're forced to spend a beautiful day inside during the treatment period.

We've slowly been introducing wheat.  I found some Annie's pretzels that have a minimum amount of ingredients in them, so my son has been having a handful each day.  He also got to have some ostyer crackers from a restaurant, which was a big deal because I didn't have to tell him 'no' yet again.  Did I tell you we also found a gluten-free bumpy cake cupcake?!  It's incredible.  Even though we're introducing wheat, I'm still proceeding with cautious in case more work needs to be done, hence the 'gluten-free.'  Over the past couple of weeks I noticed that he had some purplish circles set in under his eyes, and his eyelids were looking a bit red.  At first I thought it was probably one of the new foods, but then I recalled that each March he looks like this.  I can look back at pictures from this time of year going back to when he was 10 months and he has huge shiners.  One of the office ladies commented on it while at our NAET treatment yesterday, which we treated for pollen.  By the time we got home the purple and red were gone, and a day later are still gone.  It's really amazing. This summer will be a true test of NAET, and I'm looking forward to it.

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