Friday, June 24, 2011

MTV: True Life, I'm Allergic to Everything

This episode takes a look at two young people coping with food allergies.  The one girl actually seeks alternative help that looks similar to NAET and seems to be getting some relief.  From the very beginning of the show when they were showing their pantry, etc I was thinking that she has an MSG allergy.  At the end she has an anaphylactic reaction to chinese food, which convinced me even further that MSG is a major culprit for her.  I was appalled that the head of immunology at John Hopkins had the nerve to tell her it's in her head.  Right, like it's been in the head of my two, three, four, and now five-year old.

I'm glad to see mainstream TV taking on this serious subject.  It really hit home for me, I must have had tears in my eyes the entire time I was watching.  I could totally relate to all the benedryl, inhalers, food preparation, and excitement when a new food is added back.  Fortunately we've never had to use the epi pen.

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  1. Lots of ?s on MTV’s True Life - I’m Allergic to Everything. Please remember: 1-There is NO cure for food allergies (FA). Strict avoidance only way to prevent reactions. 2-Epinephrine is 1st line treatment for anaphylaxis. Important to always carry epinephrine. Antihistamines & inhalers won't save your life. 3-FA requires constant attn & can create fear. If you have anxiety over FA get help from mental health prof.