Friday, June 17, 2011

What a week

This week started off with a NAET treatment for MSG, which my son woke up in the middle of the night nauseous thinking he was going to be sick--usually a good sign that something is working.  As the week progressed he had 2 outbreaks:  one to vegetable soup at a restaurant which he's never had before, and one to a single blueberry.  Blueberries and him go way back to when he was 12 months old.  They were his first major reaction, triggering asthma and vomiting.  The definition that I've been told of anaphylaxis is two or more body systems have to be involved, so this would classify as such.  He has since had a random blueberry encounter and has been fine.  This week though he broke out in hives all over his face, same with the soup.  I guess it's good that the hives are on his face where they're visible rather than his torso--gotta look for the silver lining in these cases to keep from going crazy.

Fast forward to today.  We went for our second NAET treatment of the week and, low-and-behold, he didn't pass MSG.  The doctor muscle tested my arm three times and I couldn't provide any resistance.  Not passing a treatment or being stuck in a treatment can cause other reactions (so I'm told), which is what he may have been experiencing.  So we re-treated for MSG.  On the car ride home my son was completely spaced-out, said he felt weird which was evident by the look on his face.

Then this afternoon we had his 5-year well child exam with his Pediatrician.  Our wonderful Ped has been accepted into a fellowship program to further his knowledge, so we're going to be losing him for three years.  It's quite a blow to us, but we're now on the right track and will manage.  It's been almost two years since any blood work has been done, so the doc wanted to run another IgE screen to compare.  He's also going to blood test for some other areas like vitamin D levels, lead levels, etc.  We spent about 45 minutes at the lab where they took 9-10 vials of blood.  I was floored at how much they needed.  Last time it was only 4 and I thought that was absurd.  Of course my poor son screamed all the way through it.  Why is it always mom that has to do these awful tasks?!  I'm definitely eager to see what the results determine.


  1. Have you received the results of the blood work? How does it compare?

  2. Still waiting! I'll post once I get them back, hopefully not too much longer.