Sunday, June 19, 2011

Going out on a limb

Back in December a good friend of mine was battling eczema in her then six month old son.  I gave her the low-down on my best arsenal of products and routines which included bathing, moisturizing, and diet.  I also told her that if she got desperate enough we could talk about the hocus-pocus called NAET.  I was hesitant because it's weird and one really needs an open mind to take the steps to try it.  I was also hesitant because what if it didn't work for them, and because it's so weird that they'd think I'm a complete nut job.

Well, she did reach the point of desperation and has been undergoing treatments for her son for about the last month.  Yesterday was the baby boy's first birthday party which I attended.  I was approached by the dad and grandma as they were so thankful for the recommendation to try NAET because they are seeing such an improvement in their boy's skin.  WHEW, what a relief!!  The dad has gone to a handful of appointments and said after their first visit he was ready to throw in the towel because it seems like such a hoax.  But, he knows what I've been through with my son and the vast improvement we've seen, my kid is walking proof that this weird stuff works.  Everyone was commenting on how great my kid's skin looks!

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