Friday, October 1, 2010

NAET Recap, Where we are today

We are now 9 months and 41 treatments into NAET.  It's been a very interesting experience to say the least.  Although I am cautious to give NAET too much credit, I can't deny that today my kid's skin looks and feels wonderful.  It's smooth and creamy in color, just beautiful.  I also know that the itch remains, but it is starting to subside "a tiny bit" as he would say.  It could be just NAET, but I'm inclined to think that the cooler weather has something to do with it as well.

We're at the tip of the iceberg, as we still have yet to work on food allergies.  We've spent a lot of time trying to conquer environmentals and other issues up to this point.  I think Monday starts foods, and I can't wait.  Since the basic 15, we've completed organs, fish mix, cotton, pool water (chlorinated and bromine), hypothalamus, heat, adrenals, probiotics, asthma, grass mix, mold mix, tree mix, staph, me, and virus.

It's a long process, but I do whole-heartedly believe his body is processing nutrients better.  He's gained 5 pounds and 3 inches since starting NAET.  This is huge for a kid that had fallen off the growth charts just one year ago.  So we'll continue on this journey, and hope for the best with foods.  I dream of the day he can enjoy pizza and ice cream.  I know, unhealthy but he has worked so hard and this would make him so happy.

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