Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Changing Medications

After visiting the allergist this week, we'll be trying out some new medications.  My kid currently takes a morning dose of Pulmicort .5 via the nebulizer for asthma control, and we're going to try Flovent 44 with the chamber.  We'll start with 2 puffs in the am and 2 puff in the pm for 3 weeks, and then hopefully drop the evening puffs. It will be so nice to be free of the nebbie!  The other thing we started on is Epi Ceram, which I'm real excited about.  It's a cremacide cream for eczema.  Although my kid's skin is pretty much under control the itch is still there.  There's a chance this stuff might help, although I'm not going to get my hopes up too much.  The doc said we'll know within 2 weeks if it will for for him.  Apparently there are 3 components that have to be aligned, something with the cremacide, the right cholesterol in the skin and one other thing that I can't recall.  So we shall see.

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