Saturday, September 18, 2010

Body Temperature Regulation

For quite sometime I've suspected that my kid's body doesn't properly regulate his body temperature.  He's constantly hot and wants to be where it's cold, even in the winter.  I know infant's and children's' bodies can take some time to mature, for instance in the case of the digestive track and immune system, and I suspect that is the case for my kid when it comes to temperature regulation.  Other tell-tale signs are the hives/rashes he'll get on his face after running around, which is followed by extreme itchiness.

So suspecting all of that, we are now focusing on body temperature with NAET treatments.  Last week we treated for hypothalamus, which controls temperature, sleep, and appetite.  And yesterday we treated for heat.  As luck would have it, these treatments also coincide with cooler outdoor temperatures.  So I'm not sure if my kid's skin is looking better due to the treatments or a change in weather as summer was a bit rough for him.

What I can tell you is that my husband has just completed treatment number 22.  Since completing the basics he has treated for house dust, virus mix, lungs, weed mix, tree mix, me, and thyroid.  During that time he also started taking an allergy supplement called D-Hist.  His health has been noticeably improved (he travels a lot and has always been constantly sick), he told me his feeling of not able to get a deep breath has subsided, and he can tell something positive has happened to his body from within. Is it NAET or the D-hist?  He tends to think the D-Hist is making a big difference.  Now my kid was on the D-Hist jr. for quite sometime prior to NAET and I couldn't tell if it was helping at all, but our Ped told me that it was enough to cure one kid's terrible eczema.  Just happened to be what the kid's body needed.

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  1. Interesting. I've been reading your blog for awhile now as you go through NAET. It isn't something we've tried (yet), but I appreciate you sharing your experience.

    My little guy is also on D-Hist Jr. His ped, too, said it could help with eczema. It is hard to tell if it is working or not because there are so many variables.