Monday, April 15, 2013


One of the first things one attempts to change when their little one has eczema is the laundry detergent.  I remember trying Dreft, which is made with babies in mind, then only to find out that it really isn't so gentle on the skin.  For many years we switched to a powdered plant based detergent from Trader Joes or 7th Generation.  Fortunately for us, my son did well with those.  The downside is that the clothes were dingy and the fresh laundry smell was non-existent.  I then started adding eucalyptus drops and white vinegar to the rise cycle.  The drops gave it a little better smell, and is said to kill dust mites, while the vinegar substituted for fabric softner.

Over the last 6 months or so I have gone back to the All Free & Clear detergent, and my son has done well.  Still there is none of that fresh laundry smell.  I notice when my son's friends come over, they smell so good, and their houses smell good.  The smell is clean laundry.  I'd really like to have some of that.

Well, on vacation the condo we were in had some good smelling Tide with Frebreeze.  I took a chance and used it, and lo- and -behold, no reaction!  It was awesome.  So when we got back in town I went to buy some, only to become distracted at Tartget by the Method brand plant based fabric softener.  I opted for this since it seemed to be more natural, and it was a little less expensive.  I did the laundry, and we too had great smelling clothes. did not agree with my son's skin.  Sadly, he started itching.  And I remember being at the store looking over the options with him, when he said he had to get out of that aisle as he could feel it bothering his eyes. 

It's not the end of the world, just another lesson.  So obviously he still does have an issue here and there, but look how far he's come!!!  I'm still going to try the Tide (even if it's just on my clothes.) 


  1. This is so true, my daughter has really benefited from us switching to eco egg - so much so, that now I boil her clothes, then throw them in the machine with the eco egg ( as even "sensitive" labelled washing powders really affected her)

    I wondered if you would be willing to lend some of your time to help me? I found it so hard to find eczema products that could help her that I decided to make an online catalogue of what works and what doesn't work - but I can't do it alone! If you could help by recommending products, or reviews, or even just giving us a shout out that would be amazing x

  2. Have you tried biokleen unscented (it's not going to give you the scent you're after-- and I'd think he could still react if he's hugging you etc and you wash your stuff in it?)-- but biokleen has worked great for us- and all natural.