Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday!

What a fun filled birthday week we had loaded with all kinds of food!  My son turned 7 this past week, and we started the celebration with a Chuck E Cheese party complete with pizza, vanilla ice cream cups, and cake.  Round 2 of the party week was dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, where he had more ice cream along with chicken tenders and soda pop.  Then round 3 was pizza, lasagna, bread sticks, all topped off with a Dairy Queen Oreo ice cream cake.  A few years ago I could have only dreamed of him eating such enjoyable foods without allergic reactions.  Now, thankfully, it's our reality!  Life is good!!

We're still doing NAET and working on the peanut allergy.  He's had 4 treatments so far.  The last one was interesting as my son's nose became congested at the 12 minute mark, in which the doctor came back in and did another treatment on him.  Magically it cleared up shortly after.  The doctor explained that it was an energy blockage showing up.  Whatever it was, there's no denying that it stopped after she re-treated him.

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