Friday, April 12, 2013

All is good!

I was just reminded that it's been quite some time since I've updated.  All is good, just busy with life and haven't had much extra time to sit down and type.

My son has gained 4 pounds since my last post (10% of his body weight!)  He's eating SO much, and tolerating it all quite well.  I do think that adding more junk to his diet impacts his ability to focus a bit, so I'm considering adding a supplement called Kid's Liquid Attention.  My dental hygienist discovered this when her son was having a lot of issues at school, to the point that the teachers wanted her to medicate her son (I do think that it should be the doctors, not the teachers recommending when to medicate.)  She said it was like night and day, and the school couldn't believe how well he turned around.  It has a lot of B vitamins and magnesium that are good for the nervous system and the brain, and reduces anxiety.

We did get the uKnow Peanut test results back, and it was disappointing.  You may recall that this tests which peanut proteins one is allergic to, as certain protein allergies are more severe.  My son is showing extremely allergic to the most dangerous proteins.  The allergist expects a life long allergy.

We have had one NAET treatment for peanuts.  I had a long talk with the doctor about this, as she's putting herself in a very liable situation.  She has a lot of success with NAET and anaphylactic allergies, and has no concerns proceeding with the treatments.  It's going to take many, many treatments as it's baby stepped all the way.  The good news is that we don't have to pay for each visit while we go through the process.  There'll be times when he's treated through me, and then times when he's ready to be treated directly (those we pay for.)


  1. OMG if this blog is as real as it appears its just making me cry. Hes eating everything? ! ? For real? ! How? !
    I'm speechless. Your so lucky.

  2. He really is eating everything these days. For instance, he use to not be able to eat milk chocolate (Kisses made him break out in hives) and he's been eating them without problem, and we even have a bag of KitKats in the kitchen as he gets one everyday in his lunch. He's able to order pizza at school, we went to a Japanese steakhouse last night (his 4th time) and he chowed down on the fried rice that's loaded with butter, egg, and soy. He even had some cheap tasting vanilla ice cream there after dessert. He's been begging to try Danimals drinkable yogurt things, and I finally caved this week to let him try them and he did fabulous. The only thing we have to avoid these days are nuts, and I do try to limit as much processed foods as I can but he's doing fine when he does eat them. It's been a LOT of hard work and faith that got us to this point, but the rewards are wonderful :)

    1. Oh yeah, he even ate a grocery store cup cake last night that had an ingredient list as long as my leg. He did absolutely fine.