Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Homeopathy Flu Remedy & Preventative

My area of the country is experiencing a bad flu outbreak, with already 4 pediatric deaths reported.  My son has been instructed by medical doctors not to proceed with further vaccinations due to the complications he has experienced in the past.  So what is a mother to do?  Look for alternatives and keep his immune system strong is what I've chosen to do.  A few years ago I was introduced to one such alternative by a Pediatrician out of Ann Arbor, MI who once practiced traditional Western medicine but has since taken a holistic approach. You can check out her practice, NourishMD.  The medication is called Mucococcinium, and it's a homeopathic remedy formulated to elevate the body’s immune system to combat all types of influenza and respiratory colds.  It’s clinically proven to be 88% effective at preventing the flu and 82% effective at treating the flu-- 2.5 times more effective than the flu vaccine.  As a preventative, my family takes it twice per month.


  1. Everyone in my family is now taking this. Thank you for posting! Cz

  2. My sister is a Dr of Chinese Medicine and when my kids got the flu a couple months ago, she told them to put the a few of homeopathic remedy Ossicilicoccom (spelling??) pellets in water and sip every 15 minutes. She told my hubby and I to take 2 of the teeny pellets once per day under our tongue to prevent us getting it. Kids were better in 3 days-- and we never got it!