Friday, August 10, 2012

Another First--DQ!

I had the pleasure of witnessing another first for my 6-1/4 year old.  After 75 months of being alive on this planet, he was able to enjoy his first vanilla ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  This was not planned, however, as we had anticipated him ordering a slush.  So when he made it to the front of the line and was told, "Sorry, the slush machine is broken today" my heart sank.  I wrestled with the idea of just leaving, which would be like literally taking candy from a baby.  As I stood there and stared at the menu I knew I couldn't guarantee that anything else would be safe.  So with his emergency pack in hand, I proceeded to order him a vanilla ice cream cone.  I asked for a list of ingredients, which they pointed me to their 'list of allergens.'  It's a start to know that my order has dairy, wheat, and soy but not the same as knowing exactly what goes into making the product.

As I handed my son his first DQ ice cream I tried to bury my anxiety.  He took a small bite, and then another.  No reaction.  As he continued to reassure me that he was doing fine and there was no strange reaction with his lips, mouth, throat, or stomach I was able to relax.  My focus then moved to teaching him how to eat an ice cream cone so it doesn't drip everywhere.  He proceeded to eat the entire cone, heck he may have even ate the paper wrapper that they put around the cone. It was a good day.
I was able to snap this one picture of his cone experience.  My first reaction was,'not the best picture.'  Followed immediately with, "This is the best picture in the world!  Look what he's holding, look what he's eating, look what he's indulging in!"


  1. So awesome!


  2. WooHoo! By the way what is his emergency pack?

  3. Thanks for sharing in our excitement! For his emergency pack I use a plastic school pencil case (the larger size.) It has 2 epi-pens (the junior twin pack), epi-pen instructions, his inhaler, the chamber for his inhaler, benedryl, and a sheet that has his medical information on it. I put all this in a large ziploc bag (the chamber doesn't actually fit inside the box) and we carry it in a backpack.