Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Award?

skin disorder blogs

Imagine my amazement when I was contacted by and informed that my blog has won an award for "Best Skin Disorder Blogs."  That's fabulous and completely unexpected, but the most touching part of it all is the wonderful write up they provided on my blog--it literally brought me to tears:

Extinguishing Eczema

Extinguishing Eczema doesn’t seem like such a challenge when Eczema Mom is in the picture. This beautiful tale of hope, healing, and health follows a loving parent on her journey to care for her young son. Plagued by eczema, food allergies, and asthma, this is one child whose life has truly depended on the goodness of his mother.

Whether this lovely blogger knows it or not, each post she contributes to this fabulous blog convinces readers that eczema is manageable and that life is beautiful not because of the condition of our skin, but because of the condition of our love and relationships.

I'm really touched by such a heartfelt review.  I know my blog is not the fanciest, nor the best written, but I'm thrilled that my love for my son and determination to provide him the best life possible has shone through, and through this journey I may have even been able to help a few others. Thanks for the kind write-up.


  1. Danielle, We have all learned so much from you and your persistence and constant search for a better life for your son.

    Know those of you who know you appreciate value your sharing of whatever style you choose.

    You had a good teacher....and are a great mom. Someday your son will really understand your love for him.


    1. Thank you Lu, your words are so kind. Very much appreciated :)

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  3. Hello!

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  4. Hi Derek--Thank you for your comments. I took a look at your blog which has some useful information. As for suggestions, I guess it depends on what you're trying to do with it. What drove you to start the blog--was it personal experience? If so, maybe personalize it more. Are you wanting to share links to other articles? Are you just trying to direct some traffic to make money off of the ads? Not sure if I can be much help on how to direct more traffic, as it's something I haven't put any time into myself.

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for your kind reply. You got me right - I have shared my personal experience. I believe in "A candle looses nothing of its own light by lighting another candle" and sharing information knowledge is what I love too. Now the ads part yes, I need some financial help and I feel this is better than begging and stealing and hope you to understand.....


  6. Love your blog! It gets me through and gives me hope. And I feel less crazy doing all that I'm doing for my 6 month old Daughter in ny. Thank you for posting such great information and sharing your experience I cry often but love reading all of it. Cz