Monday, January 9, 2012


Hubby took himself and the boy to NAET today after a couple weeks off.  Our goal is to get our son off his asthma meds altogether.  He currently takes 1-2 puffs of Flovent 44 per day.  They each worked on their lungs, hubby treated for lungs and sinuses while the boy treated for lungs and stress.  Afterwards, they enjoyed lunch for the first time together at Chipolte and my son did great with his chicken taco!!  And he enjoyed every bite :)


  1. I have been following your blog from quite some time. Did his asthma get any better after starting NAET. I read from your blog that his Eczema got better. How about asthama ?

    1. Due to technical issues I had to answer your question in another blog post . . .