Monday, October 3, 2011

Vaccines, finally

We've been waiting a couple of weeks for the okay to treat for vaccines.  The ok comes from the body's response to the muscle testing to say it's ready to accept these treatments.  Yes, I'm aware of how weird that sounds.  In the mean time we've treated for artificial sweetners and digestive enzymes (and he was tested for each individual enzyme, but at this time doesn't require treatment.)  We got the go ahead to treat for vaccines on Friday, and started with Polio.  Our doc said this is a good because it affects the gut--something to do with the way it's transmitted (the fecal-oral route--gross!)

This treatment also timed with my kid coming down with 'sniffles', which I'm sure were triggered by the change of weather we're experiencing.  Out of no where came the ashtma Saturday morning.  What a bummer.  It's been many months since we've seen that, well over a year.  I even had bumped him back up to 2 puffs of Flovent a day about a week ago once the weather changed.  Must not have been soon enough.  Our allergist has me keep a bottle of prednisone on hand in case something like this happens, seeing how we're old hat at this anymore.  I did give a dose, which seems to be doing the trick of getting things moving with a productive cough.  Curious timing though of the asthma and vaccine treatment, although it's probably just a coincidence.

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