Friday, October 21, 2011

Life's Good

Life's been good the last couple of weeks.  My son is growing and gaining weight, he's suddenly filling out a bit.  He's still doing NAET twice a week; recently he passed Hep B, HIB, and thimerosal.  He wasn't showing weak to the flu vaccine I received when pregnant in 2005, but I'm going to have him tested for influzenza in general to help strengthen his immune response to the flu.  He did have one reaction to something new since my last update.  It was to a new Annie's cereal-Fruity Bunnies.  It appears it's the 'natural flavoring' that caused the eczema to breakout on his knees and crease of his arm.  One bath and some Cera'Ve took care of that. Considering how he use to be in constant break out mode, this is really good. He treated for the cereal with the 'natural flavoring' vial, and is looking forward to eating his new favorite cereal in a couple of days.

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