Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quick Update

Since treating for polio, the kiddo then treated for the polio injectible vaccine (which he did receive 4 doses of as a infant/toddler) and he held strong to the nasal dosage and didn't require treatment to that.  Friday he treated for HIB (which he was also vaccinated against.)  My arm was so weak to the muscle testing.  Even though we've done this over a hundred times (literally), it still amazes me.  The plan is to keep working on vaccines that he received; so we still have flu, Hep B, pneumococcal vaccine, and DTaP.  I'll be interested to see if we're require to wait on the DTaP given his previous anaphylatic reaction.

He's recovered from his bout of asthma and is doing well once again. He did get some pepperoni pizza from some pizza joint last night and had mild itching this morning but his skin is still looking gorgeous.  Pizza from Whole Foods continues to be fine, so it's definitely an issue with the quality of the ingredients.

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