Friday, August 19, 2011

Skin Test Today

Following up on our allergist visit last week, my son had a skin test done today.  He had 4 panels: A) Trees/Grasses; B) Weeds; C)  Other environmentals including dust mites, dog, cat, etc; D) Food (beef, milk, chicken, egg, corn, wheat, soybean, peanut); and some tree nuts:  walnut, almond, pecan, and cashew.

So what did I learn?  Once again reaction trumps the tests.  To my amazement there was absolutely zero reaction to the peanut/tree nuts.  Actually out of all the foods, only egg showed a very mild reaction (the nurse wasn't even going to mark it, but I was certain I saw a small welt.)  His trouble spots were shown to be ragweed, a fungi called alternaria (more on that in a later post), a tree called red top, dust mites, and dog.  I knew dog would be a problem after my kid was licked on the arm by a dog over the weekend and it looked like he put his arm in a hornets nest.  Fortunately the old emergency pack with benedryl did the trick.

So what to do from here?  The peanuts are still a concern, especially since the RAST blood test shows a level 6 reaction.  Because of that, we're not going to challenge any time soon and we're to stay away from all nuts and continue to carry the epipen.  There are some new tests that we could look into in the future.  One being "you know peanut test" that was FDA approved a month ago.  It's a blood test that not many labs are doing right now that IDs which peanut proteins are triggering the reaction.  There's a genetic microbiology test that can be done which shows peanut proteins 1-3 that cause a reaction and 4-6 that relate to a positive test (but no reaction, if I understood the doctor correctly.)  The doc ruled out immunocap as there's a 5-10% change of anaphylaxis which he says is too much of a risk.  He did say that due to the negative skin test my son is now is the" 20% chance of out growing his peanut allergy" category.

As for NAET, our last treatment was for "Immune Modulator" which deals with aligning the misaligned T-cells of the immune system.  When the T1 cells over power the T2 cells the immune system goes into overdrive and overreacts, causing inflammation resulting in various ailments like asthma and eczema.

My son has had soy sauce a handful of times in his stir-fry and has done fabulously.  Prior to NAET he was breaking out in huge hives and his skin would turn thick and scaly.  We also just bought a new supplement to try at the recommendation of our Ped, it's called NeuroProtek by Algonot.  The doc was pretty excited about this one as he was seeing positive results with some of his autistic patients.  It's all natural containing flavonoids rutin, luteolin, and quercetin that's suppose to reduce symptoms of gut and brain inflammation, and nerve and tissue damage.


  1. Where do you buy the Neuroprotek? I'd want to try it for the allergies too

  2. I've linked Neuoprotek to the amazon site where I bought it. There are also reviews on it there. It is a soft capsule that can be squeezed out if needed. Another good one for allergies is D-Hist Jr. by Ortho Molecular, which is a chewable and can also be purchased on Amazon.