Sunday, August 28, 2011

Preparing for Kindergarten

Monday is my son's first day of Kindergarten!  I'm a little anxious given his medical history, but he's doing much these days which brings me some relief.  After talking with his doctor as to how to handle the peanut allergy, I then met with his new teacher.  The school is very accommodating to peanut allergies and already has safeguards in place such as a peanut free lunch table and hand washing after lunch.  His classroom will also be peanut free, and all parents have been made aware.

There's a great Food Allergy Action Plan form that the doctor completed for me that I will be providing the school with, in addition as to making copies to keep in my son's emergency packs.  An emergency pack will also be kept in the office and in his teacher's desk.  This kit contains epipens, benedryl, and ventolin.  In addition, the school has asked that I type up a profile sheet on my son that will be shared with all staff so that they are aware of his conditions.

On the NAET front, my husband has always had an itchy throat reaction to cantaloupe. Just the other day he ate some and not only did his mouth itch, but his arms, too. I gave him a home treatment, and two days later he tried cantaloupe again (he ate 1/4 of the melon.)  Magically, there was no reaction at all from what he told me.  So weird.

My son has treated for herbicides, late summer weeds in our area, and a bioflavonoid called rutin that I use to take a lot of before I had him.  Rutin is in his new supplement, and since he showed weak he was treated for it.  I want to work on latex, insect stings, pesticides, and then move onto dioxins.


  1. Hi, I'm wondering if your son overcame his yeast sensitivity? And also have you tried epsom salt baths? I think they are helping my son, as the magnesium is supposed to be best absorbed through the skin and helps the body process toxins. Just wondering. Also, do you have experience with d-hist jr? I think I saw it on here earlier, but now can't find it and wondering what your result was with it. Thanks!

  2. By the way, we have just completed NAET for all components of dairy, but I'm still scared to give it to him-- any advice?

  3. Yeast doesn't seem to be a problem these days. We had quite an ordeal getting through the NAET yeast treatments though, but it was after that he had a turning point for the better. The constant introduction of new allergies seemed to stop and improvements started.
    The epsom salt baths are great! My son has a tough time with bowel movements and I actually use a magnesium product called Calm by Peter Gillham in his water that makes a difference for him. My son did take D-hist jr, but he seems to be sensitive to the Bromelain. My husband took the adult version and said it seemed to really help. My kid just started taking NeuroProtek that has quercetin along with some other bioflavonoids.

    As for reintroducing dairy, my suggestion would be to start with yogurt as many do better with that than milk due to it being cultured. My kid can eat yogurt and cheese (as long as it's more pure and not a lot of additives.) He's not into drinking milk, so I haven't gotten a good handle if he can tolerate it.

  4. I should also back up and make sure that your kid isn't ANA to dairy, correct?! If so, definitely work with your practitioner before proceeding. If you do proceed with trying dairy, be sure you're ready to rub gates and have an antihistamine on hand. There's a blog on the right called 'Ford's Blog', you can search NAET within that blog and she highlights here baby's NAET success with a dairy allergy.

  5. We just were getting worse eczema flare ups when he had dairy, but I've been giving him real butter and we will try some cheese or yogurt as our NAET dr said we should.

    I was worried about the Bromelain in the d-hist jr. but I'm still trying it... we are on day 2 or d-hist, is the problem with Bromelain salicylates? or anything else specific? It's an enzyme right?

    Thanks so much, your blog is very helpful to me in so many ways!-- Laura

  6. That's encouraging if your son is handling butter. If you notice dairy continues to be a problem you may want to look into treating for A1/A2 milk proteins. One of them is from older generation cows like gurnseys that people tend to tolerate better and the other is from newer cows like holsteins that more people have trouble with.

    Bromelain is an enzyme from pineapple. My son is questionable when it comes to pineapple so we've been avoiding it. He's treated for salicylates, but I think he still is weak to bromelain.