Saturday, November 23, 2013

Calcium Propinate/Propionate

Have you taken a look at what is in a loaf of standard bread that you'd buy at a grocery store these days?  There's some crazy, hard to pronounce ingredients aimed at slowing mold growth and conditioning the dough.  We really try to avoid it at all costs, and thankfully stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have some nice alternatives since I'm not really into making my own.  However, delivery pizza still presents this challenge, along with my son's new found favorite--Subway sandwiches.

We've taken a break from the peanut treatments as it's apparent he needs to work on some of these food additives that cause severe itching when he eats them.  In a Sherlock Holmes kind of way we've been able to identify some of the prime suspects: Calcium Propinate, DATEM, and a few others.  Check out this link to the ingredients in Subway's bread.  By-the-way, I'm thankful that Subway does put out an ingredient list as so many other companies do not.  Domino's Pizza is another company that lists their ingredients.  My son actually itched liked crazy after eating the Gluten Free crust which has Calcium Propionate.  He seems to do find with the hand-tossed crust.

Calcium Propionate is considered "slightly toxic" by the Pesticide Action Network North America.  It is also linked to hyperactivity in children, migraine headaches, and ulcers. 

The most ironic thing to me was that last Friday I was talking to my son's NAET doctor about treating for this, and then Saturday I ran into a friend who I see a couple of times a year and she started telling me how her daughter has been itching lately and they've pinpointed Calcium Propionate as the culprit.  I found that quite amazing, and a bit of a relief that I'm not the only one thinking about this stuff. 

My son had his treatment for Calcium Propionate yesterday.  I hope we have the same results as we did with the 'sodium acid pyrophosphate'.

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