Monday, May 14, 2012

6 Years Old!

Happy Birthday to my big kid, we now have a six year old!!  It's been a fun-filled week of birthday parties for my kiddo, 3 parties to be exact.  And they all involved LOTS of pizza and cake. He's had pizza from 3 different places this week including Chuck-E-Cheese and the bolwing alley, and the good news is that he's done GREAT! No itch and no hives, just the way we like it.  He's also had a few different cakes, check this one out from a local bakery:

It's a traditonal cake, not gluten-free.  He was in heaven to say the least!

He also had a school field trip to a local farm where he played in the hay and fed baby animals.  I drove separately in case we needed to high-tale it out of there, but amazingly he did fabulous. Even the teacher took a benedryl before heading out.

As for NAET, we're still going.  We've recently continued working on lungs, and last week he treated for 'spleen' which numerous organs showed weak to (which typically it's just his kidneys that test weak.)  We did come across one food that gave him some problems, and that was an organic Soneyfield strawberry go-gurt yogurt squeezer.  Soon after eating it he said it felt like "rocks in his throat" which was then followed by a stomach ache.  Looking at the ingredients it's hard to pinpoint which one it could be; it's possible it's a combination of some sort.  The odd thing is that he does fine with plain Greek yogurt, he eats it most days with honey added.  Greek yogurt has a higher milk protein, so it must be another ingredient in the squeezer that's the culprit.

All-in-all, he's made amazing strides since 2009.  It's awesome to watch him enjoy himself and to enjoy food again.


  1. That is a lot to celebrate!

    Happy Birthday to your son
    Congratulations to you!


  2. Can you give me the name of the NAET doctor you see? Does he have a web site?? Happy Birthday!