Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I've been M.I.A. for the last couple of weeks, mostly because I've taken on a huge professional endeavor that is occupying all my time.  But on the occassion I get the urge to blog, I find that I just don't have that much to say.  I mean, everything is going well and my kid is healthy and happy.  That should be a major headline in itself!  When I look back at how far we have come even from 6 months ago, it amazes me.  I still can't believe that it was only one year ago that my son had his first bite of an oat granola bar after treating for oats which use to cause severe hives. The blog has allowed me to put things into prespective.  For instance, I keep thinking to myself that he's been doing great since this fall, and lo and behold my timeline indicates that is when he went through the vaccine treatments.

As of late, we have continued to work on his lungs.  He's been on one puff of his Flovent 44 since January (reduced from 2) and is doing great. He's completed NAET treatments such as lungs & cold, lungs & heat & humidity, lungs & stress, and sinuses.  He's also gone down to one NAET treatment per week instead of two.

What I really find amazing is that so far this school year (knock on wood!) he has missed only 1 day due to illness, and that was back in October, I think.  Not sure what the usual stats are for kindergarten, but when I compare him to my sister's "healthy" kids who have been on multiple doses of antibiotics this winter, he's doing great.

The one down fall of becoming so healthy is that I now find he's not eating quite as healthy as I would like.  My husband is routinely making him grilled cheese on wheat bread with butter, and my son has eaten his fair share of St. Pat's decorated sugar cookies as of late.  Don't get me wrong, no kid in their right mind would want to visit us for the tastey food and treats we keep in our cupboards, but it is nice to be able to relax a bit around food and have it be a more enjoyable experience.


  1. Can you describe what happens exactly when you treat for something? Using NAET? For example for oats, so you go in to get a NAET treatment for oats - what happens there?

  2. Here's a link to our second NAET treatment that should help answer your questions. http://extinguishingeczema.blogspot.com/2009/12/2nd-naet-treatment.html
    This is from December 2010, and we now have about 140 treatments under our belt. Basically, you treat for the substance, avoid it for 25 hours, and should be able to consume it afterwards. There are times when mulitple combination treatments are required, such as our experience with egg, wheat, yeast, and I know will be with nuts. But there are times like oats that only took the one treatement. I do caution you that if there are any known ANA reactions, that those should be treated last as the body needs time for the immune system to balance and those may take multiple treatements. We only knew the egg treatment was helping after an accidental ingestion, which led to other combination treatments.