Friday, September 2, 2011

Bluberries and Pesticides (not related)

We're working with the NAET doctor on doing some home treatments for items that I can easily assess as I  need to speed up this process   I treated my kid for a long time nemesis last week, blueberries.  They were the first food that ever caused him vomiting and breathing problems.  At the time his allergist had told me he's never heard of anyone being allergic to blueberries and he didn't seem to believe me.  I then had a chance encounter with a nutritionist who explained that blueberries have a protein called malvin (if I spelled that right) that do cause some people issues, especially kids under one as their bodies do not produce the enzymes to breakdown the malvin.  I haven't seen any research documentation on this, so I'll just have to go with his reaction.  Anyways, today he muscle tested strong to them and we'll give them another go 'round.  We did sample one a couple weeks back that resulted in his face breaking out, so this will be interesting.

Today's treatment at the doctor's was for pesticides.  Usually just his kidneys show weak to most substances, however today it was his kidneys, spleen, and pancreas.  While we were waiting our 20 minutes out, my son uncharacteristically requested to lay down and have a blanket put on him. He then said his head was hurting, that he was nauseous, and his throats was starting to feel funny.  Both the doctor and I took that as a sign that the treatment was working and that the energy was moving through his body like it's suppose to.  By the time we got home he said he was feeling better.  We'll see how the rest of the day goes, at any rate the food avoidance on this one is pretty tough.

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