Monday, September 12, 2011

A Quick Update

A quick update . . .My son did eat a blueberry, and although the results weren't exactly what I was hoping for, he did do much better than his previous attempt a couple weeks ago before his treatment.  This time he had one hive on his lower cheek that cleared up with a small cold pack and rubbing his pressure points, all while he was begging for more.  Pre-treatment he had hives all over his face that required Benedryl.  Obviously there's more work to be done, but it's a start.

Soy sauce has slowly crept back into his diet.  I've been cautious with it as the reactions use to be so horrendous and I wanted to make sure I was certain it was now safe.  Seems to be as he's consumed it a dozen times without issue, and I was even using a brand that had wheat.

I've pinpointed an ingredient commonly used in baked goods, and especially in packaged gluten-free foods that is causing my son to have allergic reactions on his legs (many tiny, itchy hives.)  It's 'sodium acid pyrophosphate', and is a common leveling agent.  He reacted terribly to the Glutino brand gluten free pretzels and more recently to Trader Joe's gluten free waffles, each which have this ingredient.  I've home treated for each, but it would be nice to get my hands on the actual culprit.  Might be a little hard to do, as it seems like it has to be ordered in bulk from China.  I'm going to check the grocery store baking powders, as some may have this in it.  My son actually seems to do better with regular pretzels and waffles, but in my attempt to limit his wheat intake we tried these brands.

Our experiment to take my son completely off his asthma meds didn't last as long as I had hoped.  We tried this in mid-August, and noticed an increase in coughing  (where typically he doesn't cough.)  He also had a few days where it seemed he was having trouble with environmental allergies, namely ragweed.  I actually started him on zyrtec, but that only lasted 4 days and he was fine. Not sure if the NAET treatment for 'late summer weed's played any role, but he did treat for that during this time. We did decide to put him back on 1 puff of Flovent 44 per day for now.  The coughing has stopped and he seems fine, his allergist recommends trying again in the spring.

At our most recent NAET appointment we treated for the 'eczema' vial.  Seems like we should have done this a while back, but none-the-less it's now complete.  Thought it was interesting that my kid's former trouble spots immediately flared.  I'm going to have him treat for insect bites/stings since all the bees out are making me a bit nervous.  Then we'll treat for eczema combined with rutin.  We did rutin a few weeks back, but he's showing weak when both of these vials are put together.  The doctor thought to check this combination as I used rutin as a natural birth control for many years prior to trying to conceive.

On another note, I reached out to the mom in the video below.  I was curious as to how many treatments her son has had.  She lost count, but over the course of about 5 years she estimates 200-300.  She also said that her kid seemed to clear his eczema from the head down, which I found very interesting because I had it on my list to ask our doctor why when my kid does react to something that it's his legs that are affected these days.  The doctor said in chiropractic school that they're taught the body heals from the inside, out and top, down.  Seems to be the case for both these boys!

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  1. Have you looked at for that ingredient? You might be able to buy it already in a food preservative kit.