Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taking the Good with the Bad

Hooray!  My kid was able to eat the Sweet BBQ Sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings!!!  This is another first.  He loved it so much as he dipped his fries, wings, and celery in it.  The sauce consisted of corn and tomato which used to be huge no-nos for him.  He also had some organic corn chips earlier in the day which have always triggered a belly ache that lasted a few days.  He hasn't mentioned any issues once throughout the day, so I'm definitely encouraged.  We tested out the goggles yet again, and no eczema outbreak.  He did have an allergic outbreak on Christmas Eve, which I believe was to a cat at my aunt's house.  The kiddo was perfectly fine until he went downstairs where the cat hangs out.  Within 2 seconds, I'm not exaggerating, the itching kicked in and his eyes were watering, red and swelling up.  He hadn't had any unusual or new foods beforehand.  Fortunately a benedryl cleared him up quickly and he was able to enjoy his evening.

Over the last week he had NAET treatments for shellfish and soy beans.  We have yet to try either, and I'm particularly suspicious of shellfish as he once had a very strange reaction to crab meat.  It wasn't the usual hives and itching, but little purple dots appeared all over his face.  It was like someone took a felt tip marker and dotted him all up.  His practitioner said we could test out shellfish in the office, and if he were to have a reaction then they would re-treat on the spot.  Still makes me nervous.

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