Monday, November 17, 2014

Bone Broth goes Mainstream...We love this stuff

With all the great nutrients in bone broth, what's not to love?!  I happened to see this article on Yahoo! the other day reporting on all the health benefits and the laundry list of goodness lingering in each bite.  I still notice a huge difference when I feed this to my baby regularly, her skin clears up right before my eyes.  Lately she's been sucking it out of a medicine dropper prior to meals. (Baby girl just turned 11 months!)

Other ways I use the bone broth is to make the baby's rice cereal, or make arborio rice--both substituting the broth in place of water, and of course as a soup base.  I always start with an organic chicken, and I'll use the bones for two batches of broth.  The second is always lighter in color, but it still works well.  The bones are pretty disintegrated by the time the second batch is done.

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