Thursday, August 14, 2014

Neglected Blog

Oh my poor neglected blog.  I'm so sorry for the long delays in posts.  I really do have the best intentions.  Part of the reason for my slacking is that allergies and eczema are not controlling our lives these days, and the other part is due to internet browser issues (I.E. won't allow me to write new posts, so I'm forced to visit this blog via a seldom used browser on my part.)

I do have a couple updates.  The baby's skin is continuing to look lovely.  Aside from a reaction after she rubbed against my husband who had deet bug spray on his clothes which caused this terrible outbreak:

Given her brother's history and the bug spray reaction, the Ped recommended that the baby see an allergist.  The allergist skin tested her for a handful of environmental and food allergies.  Only egg came back as potentially problematic.  This doesn't mean much to me seeing how my son's skin test showed absolutely no reaction to peanuts. Crazy that in this day and age that this is still the best that they have to offer.  Fortunately the baby didn't make a peep during this entire test, it didn't even phase her:

The upper left is the positive control (histamine), just underneath is the negative control (water I think).  You can see the bottom right is very inflamed--this is egg.

The allergist also recommended that we refrain from the multiple disease/combination vaccines for now, and stick to the single vaccines.  He didn't deem Polio or Hep B necessary (neither do I), although he does recommend the HIB and the Prevnar.

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