Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stupid Cats!

An old problem reared it's ugly head this past weekend.  We were at a house with 4 cats for an early Christmas gathering.  My kid held his own for 4 hours.  When we left I thought his eyes were looking a little red, but then he fell asleep for the night.  When he woke up Monday he looked like Rocky Balboa after fighting Apollo Creed.  Had to ice him down before going to school and use some allergy eye drops.  This might be one of those allergies that just has to be managed with avoidance.


  1. Has your son been treated for animal dander or cats specifically by your NAET or NMT practitioner?

    1. Yes, he's been treated via NAET for dander, and then cats 2 or 3 times. He had been fine the last couple of times when he was around them. He has had 2 NMT treatments that included cats specifically.

  2. Once again, I relate to your situation. I think we are raising the same children. Our son has the same exact reaction to cats. Beginning in 2013, we are going to see if our NAET practitioner has an Energy practitioner that knows NMT. While we have seen significant improvements with the treatments we have done so far, I want to see if whole-body NMT treatments will aide in the treatment path. I along with you think we might have to just avoid cats. However, there is one guy that we know that was cured of cats through NAET. Happy New Year --