Thursday, November 29, 2012

Con Artist

My Little Con Artist.  Today he had a half day of school, and grandma picked him up for a fun filled afternoon.  The original plan was for them to come back to our house, eat lunch which I had prepared, and then go to the movies.  But when grandma arrived at school my son was dead set on going out to lunch--Pizza Hut to be exact.  Grandma was convinced that I had told him they were going out to eat, which wasn't the case.  Pizza Hut is a place we have not ventured out to yet, even though my son won a free pizza from his book reading club at school.  I just wasn't sure how he'd do there with the extra greasy pizza and breaksticks, but he's been begging us to go for 2-weeks.

So the little con artist swindled Grandma out of a small pizza and breadsticks.  Come to think of it, I bet he even got a soda pop out of it.  I'll have to ask him in the morning.  As Grandma was telling me this story, I asked my son who was sitting right there if he had ever eaten Pizza Hut before.  The look on Grandma's face was priceless, she hadn't considered that he shouldn't be eating it.  Hours have since gone by and he seems absolutely fine.  No unusual itching, skin irritation, or belly aches.  He just might have gotten away this scotfree.

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