Monday, September 24, 2012

What Hasn't the Kid Eaten Lately?

What hasn't the kid eaten lately, that should be the real question.  He had two birthday parties over this past weekend, and he pretty much chowed down on the same things all the other kids were indulging in.  He had lots of pizza, lots of cake--even the same grocery store brand that he reacted to back in April!, soda pop, Superman ice cream (loaded with a lot of terrible crap), multiple ring pop suckers, numerous days of pancakes, and regular restaurant bacon and sausage.  Can you say SUGAR HIGH?  That was about the extent of any reaction, he was ultra hyper and talkative, but other than that no reaction and no medication required.  Funny how today I was talking with my co-worker who has an autistic daughter and she was saying how pop makes her otherwise shy and introverted kid so talkative.  Something about the sugar...

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  1. Your journey towards eliminating allergies for your son is really amazing. After reading your blog I am seeing a ray of hope...that may be NAET can help my son too.