Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dr. Mom?

I got the chance to expand on my doctor mom skills this week. My son came down with some goop in his eye, more than likely pink eye. On a the few occassions that he or I have had this issue, I've resorted to the Simalison Pink Eye Drops which work like a charm--even faster than any prescription antibiotic eye drop I've ever used.  (Being a longtime contact user, I must admit I used to wear them far past their useful life and would end up with eye infections.  That was many years ago, I've since wised up and take them out nightly now!)  Anyways, after the prompt recovery my son made I said to my husband, "We should have been doctors."  Which he replied, "No, because if we were, our son would still be a medical mystery with no answers."  Given our past experience with the so-called "experts", I'd have to agree.  What this journey has taught me is that when it comes to your health, you have to be your own best advocate and seek answers.  And once you discover certain truths and information, it's nearly impossible to put your head back in the sand no matter how much easier that would be.

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