Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Happy 5th Birthday to my son!  We celebrated with LOTS of pizza.  For one party he had pizza from Whole Foods, as we're confident that he's doing well with the more natural stuff.  For the other party he had 2 pieces of Chuck E Cheese pizza, and did fabulous--I was shocked that there wasn't any itching.  We did skip the pepperoni just to be safe.   Check out his clear skin, it's wonderful!

After all the trouble with processed meat that he was having, we did a combination treatment for heat and processed meat.  We haven't tested it out yet.  He's also been eating yogurt every day for the past 4 weeks, and is tolerating pure cheeses (still some trouble with shredded that has additives.)  He's been persistent about wanting to try "cow milk" as he calls it, so we finally did yesterday.  There was no skin reaction as in the past, but he was almost in tears over a stomach ache.  I'm a bit disappointed as I even bought Guernsey milk as the proteins are easier digested by some than Holstein milk (A1 vs A2 proteins.)  And on another occasion he tried cottage cheese, and complained of his lip itching.  It's clear we have more work to do with milk.  I'm thrilled with his progress, I just wish it was faster.

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