Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Step Back, 2 GIANT Steps Forward

And when I say GIANT, I mean G-I-A-N-T!  We're talking pizza.  Real pizza with real cheese with real crust and real sauce and pepperoni!  Yes, he finally got to have his pizza, and boy did he LOVE it.  He was sure to point out how the crust was so much better than the ones I've been making for him, and he's absolutely right!  It's not his birthday yet, but we since we've treated for yeast, gluten, wheat, cheese, milk, pork, and tomatoes we decided to do a trial run in case any further treatments are needed.  He ate a giant piece, and wanted more but we convinced him to save it for another dinner. He's had it two days in a row for dinner, and will again this weekend at a family party.  So far, so good!

The one step back was due to an unexpected allergic reaction over the weekend to a cracker that had some tamari soy powder in it.  It was really scary for about an hour as he started saying his lips were tingling and then small hives appeared across his forehead and his eyes and eyebrows turned bright red.  Fortunately a benedryl and ice packs took care of it within an hour.  Really brought back old memories of how things use to be everyday, sure does get the adrenaline going.  We're going to treat for the cracker and soy sauce at the same time.  He was rechecked for soybeans and soy mix, which he was fine to, but there seems to be something else lingering.


  1. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!! My advice would be to stick with that one brand of pizza. THe additive and oils are so different in each brand.

    I am so amazed with your consistancy and progress!

    :)Warrior MAMA Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa! You're absolutely right about sticking to that brand. I know this is going to be an uphill battle, especially with all the additives and antibiotics in shredded cheese. My BIL works in advertising, and he was telling me how when they print a pizza ad by law they are not allowed to use the word "cheese" next to mozzarella because of how fake the mozzarella is. We were at a party over the weekend where pizza was served. My son ate about 1/2 a piece, and did well except that his eyelid got a little irritated. Not too bad, but wasn't as successful as our first attempt.

  3. You are awesome! I am referring a commenter from my blog to yours. I love how you are still diligently chronicalling your NAET journey! It is such a blessing to many!

    Warrior MAMA Lisa

  4. I've been following your blog and wanted to say congrats on this big pizza milestone! We also are battling eczema with my seven year old and he has many food sensitivities. We have done two NAET treatments so far, but plan to do one per week... and I am going to put dairy and salicylates at the top of the list nonw if they let me! By the way, saw your post about the alkaline water-- we've been drinking the alkaline water for about a month and did have a short kind of detox few days where it wasn't good-- but all in all-- combined with the fish oil, D3, ionic Zinc, iron, and vitamin E supplements--- not to mention the daily epsom salt cool baths, which I think are very helpful, I also am on the eczema warpath. And I have an obligation to him, because I told him with all my mommy-authority-- that we will kick eczema's butt, and I plan to do it. I will be reading your blog and hope you kick its butt too!!!

  5. Thank you! Yes, we will kick eczema's butt, too =) We're bound and determined, and having success. Keep me posted on your NAET experience, I do hope (and believe) that your son finds relief. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Glad you've had a better experience with the alkaline water!!