Thursday, November 11, 2010

Probiotics and Skin Health

Great article from Dr. Mercola on what science has yet to discover on the role of probiotics and skin health.

"Signals from these gut microorganisms are sent throughout your body and interact with organisms in your skin and gut mucosa. Researchers are now looking into how these interactions can help with skin conditions like dryness, improve collagen, or stabilize the microflora on your skin to help with irritations."  Functional probiotics for the skin are being developed right now.  Not sure what I think of buying probiotics from cosmetic companies, but hey if they want to jump on the bandwagon then that will draw even more attention to this exciting science.

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  1. Definitely an area worth paying attention to. I'd be interested in probiotic creams that contained beneficial or harmless bacteria that could take resources away from, and therefore starve, staphylococcus.

  2. Interesting thought! Could this be one way to attack MRSA? Hmmm. . .